Skees Family Foundation works to end global poverty by partnering with community-based organizations to create fulfilling jobs and build job readiness through vocational or entrepreneurial training.

Our family (about 40 members across 3 generations) believes intention matters — and that we all can change the world, one hour, one dollar at a time. We envision a world in which every global citizen has the opportunity to lead a self-determined, prosperous life. Our goal: opportunity for all.

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Where We Find Hope

Our nonprofit, social enterprise, and impact-investment partners bring fresh solutions to intergenerational poverty and socioeconomic inequality. They offer holistic services and take a respectful approach to the youth and families they serve across the U.S. and in 125 other countries.

MY JOB: Real People at Work Around the World

Check out our book project: a vivid collection of first-person stories by real characters in unique jobs across the U.S. and around the world. MY JOB is a book, a community, and a fundraiser that helps create jobs to end poverty.

Who’s Changing the World Right Now?

Stories from our partners’ grassroots experiences of poverty and injustice being overcome one person, one project, one village at a time. What we sow, even at the grassroots level, does reap impact in the world we are changing together.