About Us

The Skees Family Foundation, a 501(c)3 private charitable foundation (EIN#83-0411607), works with nonprofits (NPOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) serving families in need around the world.

The Skees Family Foundation — family helping families — extends self-help to youth and families to end poverty worldwide.  We support organizations in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Central and South America, India, and the Pacific to advance education and promote job creation and economic development. We value love in action to create equal opportunity for all. And as a diverse multigenerational group with limited time and funds, we believe that we — and you — can change the world for good.


Skees Family Foundation works to end poverty by partnering with social entrepreneurs scaling self-help models in education and job creation and leveraging storytelling for social change.


Skees Family Foundation envisions a world in which every global citizen has the opportunity to lead a healthy, productive, peaceful, and self-determined life.


Skees Family Foundation values holistic solutions that empower individuals to determine their future. SFF is a grantmaker that values patience and partnerships, but also views impact and scale as absolutely critical to long-term change. Finally, SFF values the power of storytelling as a means of personal and social change.


We wish to reach out in love and respect, to share our time and resources and to learn from other families’ resilience in the face of poverty and adversity. We hope, in whatever small and large ways we can, to advance the freedom, safety, health, and happiness of other families.


Opportunity for all.

If you need a grant

We do not accept any unsolicited requests for grants. However, we sincerely wish you well in your own work alongside the Skees Family Foundation as we strive to end poverty and advance equality. Many foundations who have grants available list them with the Foundation Center.

If you want to help

If you share our concern for families in poverty who deserve a chance to build a better life, please donate directly to these programs.

The family home where we were lucky to grow up in the Midwest; and some of our clients’ current homes in East Africa.