MY JOB Team Shares “Job Hacks!”

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Editor’s Note: Book 3 of the series, MY JOB Gen Z: Finding Your Place in a Fast-Changing World, has in its six short months of life already scored highest in sales and outreach–perhaps because of its relevance to young people launching careers in a pandemic, WFH, promote-yourself world.

This summer, a small cluster of college and graduate students gathered to create social-media content to share some of the data and resources you’ll find in the Gen Z book. While they hailed from distinctly different backgrounds–Tanzania, the U.A.E. (Dubai), and Kansas, they quickly formed a cohesive, happy group that truly enjoyed collaborating on design and communications.

This article and videos share what we all learned from working together–what works NOW. — Suzanne 




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Job Hacks: Teamwork for Trying Times

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Cover graphic by Steph Hughes; team photograph by Athumani Shenyai.

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