Hope for Honduran Children




Hope for Honduran Children works in several different communities throughout Honduras, providing children living in extreme poverty with the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care, as well as making sure they have the resources to become self-sufficient, responsible adults. They do this through different youth-centered programs, scholarship programs, and the creation of new microenterprises.

Mission Statement: The Hope for Honduran Children Foundation was established to help provide a nurturing environment for children ravaged by conditions of extreme poverty in Central America. In addition to supporting them with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education, their ultimate goal is to instill the desire and provide the necessary tools for these children to become self-sufficient, caring, and responsible adults.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. The Skees Family Foundation began their support of Hope for Honduran Children in 2015. We believe in their holistic approach of helping with both education and job preparation. The approach they have taken to succeed in their desire to create sustainable change is similar to that of the Skees Family Foundation, and we were extremely happy to have the opportunity to show our support of their organization. You can read more about Hope for Honduras Children!



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