Voix & Actions




Voix & Actions is a nonprofit organization geared toward the development of the Haitian community and the physical and moral relief of the disadvantaged people who live there. They accomplish this vision through various programs ranging from micro-finance initiatives to goat farming in rural communities. So far, they have helped over 100 entrepreneurs and empowered more than 100 families.

Mission Statement: Their mission is to inspire people to see what’s possible when they commit to their dreams; to encourage people to break free from the norms of society so that they can follow their own path, to create the success, the freedom, the income and the lifestyle they always deserve.


Our Connection:

Generational Grant. The second generation of the Skees Family Foundation picked Voix & Actions for their grant in 2017. We were inspired by the commitment of the Voix & Actions team, as well as their dedication to the work that is being done to benefit the Haitian economy. We look forward to seeing what projects they come up with next!



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