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Vittana built loan programs for tertiary students in over a dozen countries. They raised funds for each student on their vibrant website. Vittana partnered with 29 microfinance and financial organizations to tailor-make programs for each particular geography. Their expertise was in vetting and monitoring in-country organizations, helping them build loan products for students, and proving the validity of student loans. Through their vision and hard work, Vittana helped almost 15,000 students and has dispersed over $9 million in loans. They ceased operations in 2014.

Mission Statement: Vittana envisioned a world of opportunity, where educated minds and skillful hands work together to uplift the next generation, breaking the cycle of poverty.


Our Connection:

Social Impact Investment. In 2012, Vittana became the Skees Family Foundation’s first social-impact investment. Originally it was a 2-year loan, but in 2014, we decided to renew the loan. Skees Family Foundation moved funds from traditional blue-chip investments into a low-interest loan that empowers Vittana and their local partner, ASKI, to fund more college loans than their student-by-student investors were able to support. Our portion of the Vittana-MicroCredit Enterprises debt fund helped create loans for 1,000 additional students in the Philippines in 2012. Read about how through our social-impact investment in Vittana, we’ll help give thousands more kids a shot at school, and read some success stories of those who have already made it.