Village Enterprise

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East Africa


Village Enterprise works to end extreme poverty in rural Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. The Village Enterprise one-year Graduation program provides groups of three entrepreneurs with seed capital, training and ongoing mentoring by a local business mentor. They organize the business groups into Business Savings Groups (BSGs) of 30 entrepreneurs (10 business groups) to allow access to growth capital, provide a safe place for savings, and build social capital. Integrated conservation training ensures that new business activities promote environmental best practices. Village Enterprise has started over 44,000 businesses and trained over 175,000 East Africans. As they scale up and move into new communities, they’re designing and testing pilots to improve their impact and efficiency.

Our Connection

Skees Family Foundation began working with Village Enterprise in 2018 with a Development Impact Bond. We think the work they are doing in East Africa is extremely beneficial and empowering, and we are really excited to be a part of it.