Tomorrow’s Youth Organization




Tomorrow’s Youth Organization works with underprivileged children and communities throughout the Middle East. They aim to offer high-quality early education to help children become creative and active members of society. They share knowledge and skills that help guide young people into their professional lives. TYO facilitates awareness and communication between communities in order to break down barriers and create a mutual understanding. Lastly, they create safe spaces within a community in which all members enjoy programs based on local needs and interests.

Mission Statement: Tomorrow’s Youth Organization aims to enable children, youth, and parents in disadvantaged areas of the Middle East to realize their potential as healthy, active and responsible family and community members.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. Partnership Grant. The Skees Family Foundation began working with Tomorrow’s Youth Organization in 2015. We hadn’t yet worked much in the Middle East, and we wanted to work with an organization who was trying to create a healthy, sustainable future throughout the region. We believe in and support TYO’s methods in building peace through understanding and education.



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