The School Fund

Global Address:

United States


The School Fund is dedicated to providing opportunity for impoverished students all over the world through educational scholarships. They created a person-to-person funding site which allows students in need to create personalized profiles and gives funders the opportunity to see to whom their money goes and for what exactly it is used. The site also allows direct communication between the funder and the recipient. In addition to helping individual students, The School Fund also works to provide under-funded schools with resources they need to promote a well-rounded, quality education. However, The School Fund doesn’t work solely with financial contributions. They also create networks for defenders of global education, both individuals and organizations, to coordinate and work together, as well as learn from each other. Through the development of their multifaceted program, The School Fund has been able to raise enough funds to support nearly 1,300 students in 14 different countries with the completion of their education, which was previously unattainable.

Mission Statement: The School Fund aims to improve access to, and quality of education in the developing world and to set new standards for transparency and communication in international development.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. Partnership Grant. The Skees Family Foundation has been a partner of The School Fund since 2011. We have supported the communications work and provided high-level direction to the strategic planning of the organization. We have also contributed to the school fees of unsponsored students. in 2014, the Skees Family Foundation helped enable the School Fund to raise awareness for their mission by contributing to their documentary production.



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