Summer Search


United States


Summer Search is a U.S.-based non-profit that works in national youth development. They work with low-income high school students and help them build the skills they need not only to survive, but to thrive. They make multi-year investments in these students, from high school through college, and provide mentoring, scholarships for summer programs aimed at personal growth and development, college and financial aid advising, and resources and networking to promote promising performance and personalized career exploration. Many of their students have gone on to high-ranking universities such as UC Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, and Yale.

Mission Statement: The Summer Search mission is to unleash students’ potential through mentoring and transformative experiences.


Our Connection:

Mission Grant. The Skees Family Foundation is a strong supporter of continued education initiatives. We chose to continuously support the Silicon Valley branch of Summer Search in order to help those in our own community obtain the skills necessary to help us help the world.



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