Resonate Workshops is a non-profit based in Rwanda that works to help empower women and girls through self-discovery and storytelling. They work toward gender equality by providing training rooted in storytelling, but also by attempting to break down barriers that exist between having access to skills and education and having the agency and self-confidence to take advantage of those opportunities. They accomplish their work using three programs: Storytelling for Leadership, Professional Development, and Action Leadership.

Mission Statement: Resonate unlocks leadership potential of women and girls in East Africa.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. Catalyst Grant. The Skees Family Foundation began working with Resonate in 2016 for several reasons. We think that storytelling is one of the biggest tools we have to raise awareness and promote empowerment throughout the world. Resonate uses these tactics to train women and girls how to tell their stories and how to make a difference for themselves and their communities.



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