Medha is a social enterprise that is working to train youth for the working world and life after schooling. They are trying to change the employability training paradigm in India by integrating their approach into the public sector education system. They created a four-step process to give experience to India’s youth in order to teach them employability and life skills. They have designed an intricate curriculum that includes 30 hours of learning activities and 150 hours of on-the-job training that will secure their success in their first job. Currently they have about 40 students and even more alumni who have gone on to be successful in their chosen professions.

Our Connection

Catalyst Grant. The Skees Family Foundation began their partnership with Medha in 2015. We love that they are training their youth in job-specific areas in order to make them more qualified in their real-world positions. We decided to help Medha spread the word by contributing to a fund for a video they were making describing their training programs by showing the experiences of their current students.