Lumana Village Ventures




Lumana worked in rural Ghana to find innovative solutions for overcoming the inherent difficulties of sustainably running a microfinance program. They used a multi-pronged approach to create a solid foundation for community economic development. Lumana used business education, savings, loans, and investments to develop a well-rounded program resulting in long-lasting business ventures and economic prosperity throughout Ghana. By leveraging technology and partnerships with local leaders, Lumana developed efficient processes and procedures which make the model scalable and sustainable. Lumana gave almost $300,000 in loans, invested over $30,000 in local businesses, and reached over a dozen villages throughout Ghana. However, Lumana closed their doors in 2015.

Mission Statement: Lumana works to empower community members at several levels of poverty to create better economies for all. They believe that everyone is connected and a holistic approach to fighting poverty is necessary to create real change.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. The Skees Family Foundation decided to fund Lumana Village Ventures in 2014. We believed their mission of economic prosperity is closely intertwined with our goal of global poverty alleviation through empowerment and we admired their holistic approach to development.