Kiretono Resource Centre through AID Tanzania


United Republic of Tanzania


The Kiretono Resource Centre (KRC) is a young women’s residence center with educational and life skills support for secondary students from Maasai tribes in remote areas of Tanzania. KRC also helps these women find local jobs through cottage industry or seasonal employment.

Kiretono Resource Centre (KRC) provides a young women’s residential program with educational and life skills support for PRIMARY school students from Maasai villages in the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area. Established in 2014, this residential mentoring program represents a deepening commitment to supporting the education of Tanzanian children. Another pillar of KRC’s efforts is to assist Maasai women find local jobs through cottage industries or seasonal employment. KRC is a project of AID Tanzania.

Mission Statement: Kiretono Resource Centre is a Tanzania-based nonprofit committed to improving the lives of Maasai from the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area.

Our Connection

The KRC is a brand new project that the Skees Family Foundation wanted to support. We have followed AID Tanzania’s success and when we heard about this project, we wanted to jump on board. Together we wanted to help change the lives of several young Tanzanian women.