KadAfrica envisions a world where out-of-school girls are economic drivers of their communities. They use passion fruit farming as a vehicle for girls to build their own support systems to become independent and empowered decision makers. Girls are provided with land and KadAfrica helps them begin their own cooperative. They are trained in life skills, health, business basics, and agriculture. They are provided with mentors, extension support, and a ready market. Finally the products are bought by KadAfrica and then sold to domestic and international customers. So far, KadAfrica has worked with over 2,000 girls and has impacted over 10,000 community members.

Mission Statement: KadAfrica aims to empower youth and smallholder farmers through the cultivation of passion fruit by equipping them with training, seedlings and agro inputs, and a ready market for increased incomes and improved quality of life.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. Catalyst Grant. Skees Family Foundation began working with KadAfrica in 2019. They are running effective, empowering programs that are allowing girls the opportunity to change their lives and their futures. Their programs are well-rounded and their leadership team is impeccable.



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