Jibu was founded in 2012 and is an organization that is working to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price in developing countries throughout East Africa. They build locally owned businesses, develop local socially responsible leaders, forge new partnerships between emerged market sources and East African potential, and they leverage the networks they build as a platform for providing other basic needs. They work primarily with the underserved and have several franchises in each country so they can be walking distance for the people who need it most. So far they have over 100 franchises in six countries.

Mission Statement: Jibu capitalizes and equips emerging market entrepreneurs to create affordable access to drinking water and other necessities.


Our Connection:

Social Impact Investment. The Skees Family Foundation began working with Jibu in 2015. We believe in their mission of fulfilling a basic human need and we appreciate that they do it through building up the local economy by establishing locally owned and operated franchises. We are excited that we get to be a part of this new, jobs creating, need-fulfilling organization.



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