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IDEA4Africa was established after fifteen years of working to stimulate and catalyze young entrepreneurs in four Sub-Saharan African countries: Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. They are enabling people to participate in entrepreneurial activities and programs, and are allowing for educational efforts to extend to the training of local educators, business people, and governmental agencies and offices, spreading the entrepreneurial mission farther and deeper into communities. The organization is a result of years of forging relationships and best practices for teaching, mentoring and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in those countries. They work with teachers across all levels developing best practices for delivering the entrepreneurial education and running train-the-trainer workshops so that students will be getting the best entrepreneurship education possible within their schools. 

Mission Statement: Idea4Africa’s mission is to inspire and equip youth entrepreneurs to develop social and economic value for their communities and for the world.


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Seed Grant. Catalyst Grant. Idea4Africa became a Skees Family Foundation grantee in 2019. We admire the fact that they were established after fifteen years of research and education of the region. It shows their commitment to making an impact and a dedication to their work. They are relatively new and their approach is innovative and exciting. We are really looking forward to what they accomplish in the coming years.



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