Firelight Foundation




Firelight Foundation works on a local level in East Africa to identify, fund, and strengthen promising community organizations that support the health, resilience, and education of children. They use a four-stage approach to achieve their goal. They find and invest in promising community-based organizations, help those organizations develop stability through training and planning, use those organizations to build and expand their impact, and provide sustainable resources to continue development within the communities in which they work. Firelight Foundation’s approach is child-centered, family-focused, and community-based. They partner with organizations that work with impoverished communities to assess problems and develop solutions. They provide funding for holistic approaches that deliver measurable outcomes for vulnerable children in the areas of health, education, resilience, and livelihoods.

Mission Statement: Firelight Foundation believes in the power of African communities to create lasting change for children and families affected by poverty, HIV, and AIDS.


Our Connection:

Board Discretionary Grant. In 2014, the Skees Family Foundation began their work with Firelight Foundation when Board member Brienne Skees issued a discretionary Board grant to the Her Village Venture Fund. This fund supported women in Malawi to launch small businesses, to earn income and keep their daughters in school. We have similar approaches to poverty alleviation and access to education, and we were glad to have the opportunity to work with them on this fund.



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