EHC Lifebuilders


San José, California
United States


EHC Lifebuilders works to to improve the quality of life in Santa Clara County and provide stability for people in need by providing housing, hope, and opportunity. They continuously accomplish their goals through a variety of programs aimed at the chronically homelessfamilies with childrenveterans, and youth. As a result of their dedication and passion to end homelessness, over 5,600 people are served each year.

Mission Statement: EHC Lifebuilders confronts homelessness by cultivating people’s potential to get housed and stay housed.

Our Connection

Mission Grant. The Skees Family Foundation worked with this housing-assistance organization to customize educational scholarships for homeless teens: Those who earned their diploma or G.E.D. were awarded small grants toward college or vocational studies. Read a little bit about how EHC Lifebuilders connects to our mission of promoting economic and social development, not only internationally, but also in our own communities.