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Eggpreneur is a social enterprise working in remote Kenyan communities to build sustainable egg farming ventures that help families end the cycles of poverty. The Eggpreneur model trains and engages women egg farmers, also known as “Eggpreneurs” to develop knowledge, skills, and partnerships for sustainable egg production. This model aims to use poultry farming techniques as a tool to eradicate child malnutrition while creating jobs and increasing household income for Kenyan women. Launched in 2015, Eggpreneur already has trained 350 women who’ve hired another 400 locals.

Mission Statement: Eggpreneur aims to empower women and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in remote, rural areas.


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Generational Grant. In 2019, the second generation of the Skees Family decided to award one of their grants to Eggpreneur. They were impressed by their innovation and creativity when trying to find solutions to the cycles of poverty that exist in rural Kenyan communities.



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