Education Bridge


South Sudan


Education Bridge is a non-profit organization that builds and operates schools in South Sudan. As an organization, their goal is to empower communities through education and peacebuilding. 

Their first goal is to increase access to quality secondary education in South Sudan. In particular, they focus on helping girls attend school in a country where child marriage is common and the female literacy rate is sixteen percent. To achieve this goal, they build and operate schools across the country, and provide scholarships to girls and students with financial needs.

Their second goal is to help students develop peacebuilding skills. They hope to help alleviate ethnic conflict among younger generations in South Sudan by using their peace-building curriculum and also by creating diverse school communities where students from different ethnic groups can safely interact with one another.

So far, Education Bridge has helped over 400 students and provides dormitories for some of the girls. In the future, they are going to build a dormitory for the boys and a library for their students.

Mission Statement: Create flourishing South Sudanese communities through holistic education and peacebuilding.


Our Connection:

Generational Grant. Skees Family Foundation began working with Education Bridge in 2019. The third generation voted unanimously to award their generational grant to Education Bridge because of their impeccable work ethic and dedication to their mission, as well as their passion to building peace in South Sudan.



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