CREA Nicaragua




Founded in May, 2011, CREA Nicaragua has worked with several local community organizations and schools in the region to promote literacy. Additionally, they have an Educational Outreach program, which provides after-school homework help for primary school students, tutoring for high school students, and provides books and didactic materials to schools. Through a mobile lending library and visits to schools, services were eventually extended to seven rural communities. In a region where a library didn’t exist previously and this type of extra support was not available, the love of reading, exploration, cultural exchange, and the value of education have begun to take root. Finally, they have established a Youth Development Initiative, which empowers young Nicaraguans to be active and engaged leaders through education, entrepreneurship, and community capacity-building.

Mission Statement: CREA inspires Nicaraguans to empower themselves and their communities by providing educational resources.


Our Connection:

Seed Grant. Skees Family Foundation began working with CREA Nicaragua in 2019. CREA Nicaragua has developed a creative, scalable method to providing educational resources to underserved areas of Nicaragua. They’ve been able to reach students and communities that have very limited access to education and help them better themselves and their communities.



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