Batonga Foundation




Batonga Foundation is using a multi-pronged approach to transform the educational experience of girls in Mali, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Benin. They tackle their mission by looking at several different issues. Batonga offers scholarships for secondary school, vocational schools, and universities. They create mentoring activities, provide modes of transportation to the girls to increase school enrollment, and they assist struggling students with remedial classes. They also provide financial training and assistance to the parents to encourage them to keep their children in school, they build latrines, wells, and hand washing stations at the schools, and provide supplies and teacher support. Through their well-rounded approach, they are helping both girls and their families create sustainable futures for themselves and the generations to come.

Mission Statement: The Batonga Foundation exists to empower young women and girls in Africa through secondary school and higher education. They aim to remove obstacles that prevent or discourage girls from attending school so they can take the lead in transforming Africa.

Our Connection:

The Skees Family Foundation partnered with Batonga Foundation starting in 2015 with a Seed Grant. We feel their well-rounded approach and focus on the root causes of the education problem throughout Africa is admirable and connects with our mission of sustainable change through education. Because of this, we wanted to help them achieve their mission!