Artemis Center


United States


The Artemis Center helps victims of domestic violence by providing them with a safe place to stay, help and guidance with the legal system, information about domestic violence and its affect on children, and referrals to other helpful community services, along with much more. Through their support and educational services, the Artemis Center empowers victims to make decisions and choices that will lead to safety for themselves and their children. However, the Artemis Center doesn’t only work directly with victims. In 1993, they joined forces with YMCA to form the Family Violence Collaborative. The Collaborative helps bring together law enforcement, criminal justice, child protection, and healthcare professionals in order to develop sustainable and efficient protocols of response. As a result of their programs and initiatives, the Artemis Center has been able to help over 100,000 victims of domestic violence and their children.

Mission Statement: The Artemis Center is leading the Community in its commitment to end domestic violence.


Our Connection:

Board Discretionary Grant. Because we have loved ones who have survived violence and know the difficulties and obstacles of recovery, the Skees Family Foundation wanted to honor this brave group that helps piece/peace families back together. We provided the Artemis Center with a grant in 2009 in order to help bring an end to domestic violence throughout Dayton.



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