Agora Partnerships




Agora Partnerships was founded in 2005 by students and entrepreneurs hoping to create change throughout Latin America. They provide resources and materials to entrepreneurs who are working to build businesses in order to solve social and environmental challenges that local communities face. They give them access to knowledge, networks, and capital to enable their businesses to grow. So far, they have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and have helped create thousands of jobs within 21 countries in Latin America.

Mission Statement: Through the Agora Accelerator they provide high-potential, early- and growth-stage companies solving social and environmental challenges with in-depth consulting support and access to mentors, investors, and a global community of peers.


Our Connection:

Partnership Grant. The Skees Family Foundation has been supporting Agora Partnerships since 2015. We love their job creation programs stemming from local entrepreneurship and agree that sustainable development can only really happen through localized empowerment. We were inspired by their well-rounded approach to tackle the problem from many different angles.



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