Advancing Girls Education: AGE Africa




AGE Africa works to help disadvantaged but academically gifted young girls to attend and finish secondary school in order to pursue opportunities beyond high school that they typically would not have. They use a three-pronged approach in order to provide a well-rounded program to the promising young girls. AGE Africa provides comprehensive scholarships that pay for tuition and other fees, create extracurricular programs that focus on life skills education, leadership development, self-advocacy and career guidance, and they help with post-secondary transitions into either promising careers or higher education. 88% of the girls in their program have completed all four years of secondary school and 74% of their alumnae are pursuing higher education, have wage-based employment, or are engaged in small businesses that put their income well above the poverty line. AGE Africa has provided training in life skills and career guidance to over 2,500 girls and have awarded over 400 scholarships since the beginning of their work in 2005. You can read some of their amazing success stories.

Mission Statement: Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’s mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring, and leadership development.


Our Connection:

Partnership Grant. The Skees Family Foundation admires AGE Africa’s thorough approach to education development throughout Malawi. We chose to support their organization in 2014 in order to help provide scholarships and educational opportunities to brilliant young girls in need of helping hand in order to better their lives and communities.



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