Prosperity Catalyst

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Prosperity Catalyst provides tools, training, and community for women in distressed regions to thrive as skilled entrepreneurs and leaders.

Their entrepreneurs learn how to build their businesses to the size they desire, earning higher than the standard living wage.  The beautiful, high quality products compete in any market as wonderful gifts and are custom-designed to meet a recurring local need, allowing their entrepreneur to serve her community while running a successful business.

Mission Statement: Prosperity Catalyst develops and strengthens women-led businesses in distressed regions, providing business and technical training, creating opportunities for women to achieve economic and social empowerment.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. Skees Family Foundation began working with Prosperity Catalyst in 2018 due to the work they are doing in economic development in Haiti and Iraq. They have an empowering approach to helping women create their own economic security, and we are thrilled to be able to support it.



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