Mini Mermaid Running Club


United States


The Mini Mermaid Running Club creates a journey of self-discovery, confidence-building, and goal-setting to help girls learn how to process big feelings in life. Mermaids learn how to recognize and amplify their inner champion voice and silence their inner critic so they are prepared to reach for and achieve their dreams and goals. They use running as a catalyst for deeper conversations with girls, and as a result, while working to reach a goal, they will build up their heart, mind, and body strength.

Mission Statement: Their mission is to teach every girl to lead a healthy life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement, and discovering the finish line is just the beginning.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. One of our Skees family branches has a strong connection with this organization and has been working with them for many years. They love building girls up through physical fitness and helping them build the confidence and strength as they grow up.



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