Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools Education Foundation


North Carolina,
United States


The MACS Education Foundation serves over 5,000 principals, teachers, and students in the nine MACS schools. Over the past 22 years, financial support through the Educational Excellence (fka Bridge to Excellence) Annual Campaign allowed them to: equip principals with monetary resources they need to allow their school to perform its best­; encourage teachers to think creatively and share innovative ideas in the classroom; and educate students in a variety of subjects such as engineering, art, PE., music, math and more.

Mission Statement: The mission of the MACS Education Foundation is to provide essential funds to equip their principals and encourage their teachers so they can educate our students for a life based on Catholic values and academic success.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. Some of the Skees family believe religion should play an important part in the education children receive, so they chose to give to MACS to support this belief.



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