LivelyHoods is a non-profit organization that works to create jobs for women and youth in slums throughout Kenya, mainly in the sales field. They recruit youth and women, provide them with training and products, and give them commission for each product sold. They use micro-consignment rather than the traditional microloans in order to alleviate poverty throughout the country.

Mission Statement: LivelyHoods creates livelihood opportunities for youth and women in urban slums so they can work their way out of poverty and actualize their potential. To achieve this, they train and hire unemployed youth and women to sell environmentally friendly and socially transformative products in their communities.

Our Connection

Family Grant. The Skees family loves the creative and innovative ways we are learning to alleviate poverty. LivelyHoods is taking microfinance in a new direction, and we wanted to help! We began working with them in 2015 and look forward to our partnership.