Join 1 Million Listeners to Hear the Story of Our Foundation

Categorized as: on November 28, 2011.


TravelTalk Radio discusses our family’s deep drive for social justice and our work to effect equality in our own neighborhoods and around the world.

Join us and 1 million other listeners for a chat about family philanthropy.

TravelTalk Radio’s host, Sandy Dhuyvetter, interviewed our director, Suzanne Skees, to learn what drives our diverse family of 30 members in 3 generations to work to end poverty worldwide. We talk about our legacy of “philanthropy of the hands,” our inborn belief in the equality of all people, and the shared values of our family of middle-class Americans who will not rest until all people have a chance at the same opportunities we’ve had to earn an education, procure work, take care of our health and families, and live in peace.

Sandy, founder and anchor of TravelTalk Media and TravelTalk Radio, has cultivated a global community of nearly 1 million listeners, through Internet and radio, in 180 countries around the world. An artist, filmmaker, and communications specialist by training, Sandy created TravelTalk in 1993, long before podcasts and social media’s time had come. Her mission is to connect people to one another through travel and healthy lifestyles.


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