Equus Anam Cara


United States


Horse and Heart have created the program, Equus Anam Cara (EAC). EAC addresses the critical need for effective intervention and alternative therapies for youth and families in transition. Most of us acquire the emotional tools necessary for passage into adulthood from family, school, and community, but for foster youth, the lack of continuity in relationships around them creates a deficit in emotional security and social skills. EAC’s Experiential Learning Process is similar to the Rutgers/4-H process, a national Youth Development Program that teaches how to learn from—and apply learnings from—experiences. Their program increases emotional wellness and teaches practical life and social skills through an active outdoor experience that is more interactive and compelling to youth, and therefore often more effective than traditional talk therapy.

Mission Statement: Horse and Heart Ranch is dedicated to personal transformation through experiential learning in nature with horses.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. The Skees family has a passion for family helping families, and we know that family can be defined in many different ways. We wanted to contribute to a program whose definition is all-inclusive and to a program who helps those who don’t have the traditional family that we are so lucky to have.



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