Dragonfly Foundation


United States


The Dragonfly Foundation delivers the best emotional, relational, and practical support systems for families affected by pediatric cancer. The fight for excellence in pediatric cancer treatment is important, but no less important is the commitment needed to support the families that strive for fulfilling and complete lives during and after treatment. They provide a variety of programs and opportunities for patients and their families, as well as hospital programs. Dragonfly relieves the emotional, relational and practical challenges of cancer. At their core, what they offer is community, the feeling that you are not alone during this alien, isolating experience that strips even the closest and best-intentioned family and friends from your ranks. They live to provide understanding, support, resources and opportunities families will rely and reflect on for years to come.

Mission Statement: The Dragonfly Foundation helps pediatric cancer patients and their families find strength, courage and joy.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. One of the Skees Family branches has been working with the Dragonfly Foundation for years and finds their approach to helping children and families work through this traumatic point in their lives unique and essential.



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