Digital NEST


United States


Digital NEST is working with young people, ages 12-24, to help them learn about technology so they can use it in their future careers. The youth they work with are from disadvantaged areas in California. These students have free access to computers, Wi-Fi, and other state-of-the-art tools and classes. Through training, collaboration, and professional mentorship, they are helping these students develop technological skills they will need throughout their professional lives.

Mission Statement: Digital NEST offers youth and young adults professional training using the latest technologies. Their highly skilled members are ready for higher education and are available to work at businesses in our community at affordable rates.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. The Skees Family Foundation began working with Digital NEST in 2015. We think technology plays a huge role in development all over the world, and understanding how to use it is key to a sustainable and productive future. Digital NEST works to teach about and use technology in environments that may not have the opportunity to access it. Additionally, we have strong family ties to California and it is a great opportunity to help out in our own backyard!



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