Del Mar Elementary School


United States


As a staff of educators committed to providing the very best for each of their students, Del Mar Elementary School focuses on meeting the individual learning needs of each of their scholars; creates an engaging and motivational classroom learning environment; treats all scholars, parents, and colleagues with respect; holds themselves, their colleagues, their scholars, and parents to a high level of expectation for academic success; collaborates with their colleagues in order to construct effective lessons that will boost each scholar to achieve their learning goals; commits two 80-minute blocks of time after school for professional development delivered through teacher leaders and the instructional coach, with the support of the principal; and works to overcome every obstacle to academic success.

Mission Statement: Their mission is to empower, inspire, and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. They teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative, and innovative environment.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. This grant was given in conjunction with some of our family members’ work with Mini Mermaid Running Club, which supports a healthy lifestyle and promotes physical activity.



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