Compass Family Services


995 Market Street
San Francisco
United States


Compass Family Services works in San Francisco with homeless families and families at risk for homelessness get back on their feet. Through a variety of programs, they help families secure and maintain permanent housing, provide them with tools necessary to become economically self-sufficient, and support the healthy physical, emotional, and social development of homeless children. Compass Family Services serves over 3,500 children and families throughout San Francisco each year.

Mission Statement: Compass Family Services aims to help homeless families and families at imminent risk for homelessness to achieve housing stability, family well-being, and self-sufficiency.

Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. The Skees Family Foundation distributed a grant to Compass Family Services in 2005. We agree that a solution to homelessness is more than just providing housing and we support their well-rounded initiative. We wanted to reach out to families in our neighborhood in Northern California.