Asylum Access


United States


Asylum Access empowers refugees to become their own champions. By giving refugees the tools to advocate for themselves, and by encouraging host governments to expand refugees’ rights and opportunities, Asylum Access works toward a world where all refugees, everywhere, can rebuild their lives.

Asylum Access makes human rights a reality for refugees using three core strategies: Legal empowerment, policy reform, and global systems change. Together, these strategies improve refugees’ lives today and build a better world for refugees tomorrow.

Asylum Access provides life-changing legal services to thousands of refugees per year and maintains the highest standard of efficient use of funding.

Mission Statement: Asylum Access is an innovative international nonprofit organization dedicated to making refugee rights a reality in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. Asylum Access works all over the world protecting refugees and providing them with well-rounded support to make sure they have everything they need to improve their lives. This support is very important to the Skees family, as we know how lucky we are to have never needed support like this.



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