African Tycoon Wants Education for All

Categorized as: on March 24, 2011.


Photo courtesy of The School Fund.

Editor’s Note: Wealthy farmer and Tanzanian native Fuad Abri puts his time, ideas, and contacts to work to achieve equal-access-education in his country and around the world. We had to know: What causes him to care so much?

by Suzanne Skees, Founder and Board Chair

Iringa, Tanzania: It’s late Monday evening and I am sitting at a small table with Fuad Abri, still trying to get the truth out of him. Successful beyond most Tanzanians’ wildest dreams, this director of an 800-acre, 60-employee dairy farm will talk all evening about his company, ASAS, his family, and The School Fund. But he continues to sidestep the one question that has burned in my mind since I first hear about him: Why should he care about our kids?

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