Access Health Africa




Access Health Africa works in Malawi to provide access to healthcare in a country where resources are extremely limited. They provide life-saving surgical procedures, train Malawian medical professionals and students, and improve medical access to meet people where they are. They have two programs. Hospital-based Surgery and Training is a program that recruits western surgical teams to come to Malawi and perform surgeries that Malawians normally either wouldn’t have access to or wouldn’t be able to get in a timely manner. They also provided medical training to Malawians who want to work in the healthcare system. Camp Hope is another program they established for HIV-positive youth in Malawi. It is a residential summer camp and year-round support program designed to help youth and their families learn to live their lives with HIV.

Mission Statement: Access Health Africa improves access to quality health services, education, and resources through community-driven initiatives in Malawi.


Our Connection:

Family Discretionary Grant. One of our family members, Brienne, volunteered with World Camp as an internship in college and the program was near and dear to her heart. Through the years World Camp has morphed into Access Health Africa, providing healthcare and services in a country where those resources are extremely limited. We love the work they are doing and glad we could be a part of it.



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