Freedom From Hunger

Global Address:

1644 Da Vinci Court
Davis, CA
United States


Freedom from Hunger works through microfinance to bring education and healthcare services to the ultra poor, helping to empower women and families in 24 developing countries. Their goal is to promote economic and social development through sustainable self-help initiatives: savings, healthcare, education, and youth services. Freedom from Hunger has reached 6 million families in developing countries worldwide. Using technology to reach the “last-mile” rural and peri-urban poor, Freedom from Hunger now incorporates youth- and adult-education and financial services into mobile telephony. Even as they grow in reach, they maintain a client-centered approach that’s reflected through the vivid photographs and personal profiles on their website.

Mission Statement: Freedom from Hunger brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Together with local partners, they equip families with resources they need to build futures of health, hope, and dignity.

Our Connection

Mission Grant. The Skees family has supported Freedom from Hunger since 1992 as a family. When we launched the Skees Family Foundation in 2004, they soon (2005) were our very first grantee partner. We’ve supported their general operations, because we know it takes far more than program support to sustain social change. We’ve also, when asked, been the first funder to back two new initiatives: “Reach 3 Million” (they’ve doubled that number) and “Microfinance and Health Protection/MAPH” curriculum and jobs-creation (to scale from 51,900 clients to 650,535). Our storytelling for Freedom from Hunger has produced hundreds of stories, from Mexico to Mali to India, on their program partners and courageous clients. Patience pays off: during our partnership of more than two decades on many levels–financial and in-kind–Freedom from Hunger has expanded its reach to over 6 million clients and has led the movement toward holistic microfinance client care. Read why they were our first partner, and why we continue to support them today.